21 November 2018, 06:00 pm
Milano - Lecture Hall Libreria Egea - Viale Bligny 22

#MINE Event -The role of natural language processing in marketing: the bright and the dark sides

Text is a ubiquitous data source: advertisements, quarterly reports, online reviews, social media, compliance documents... Every day, several additional gigabyte of text are created - a largely untapped source for business intelligence and analytics. In order to extract useful information from text, we need specialized tools. Natural language processing (NLP), a subfield of AI, provides these tools, both for exploration and prediction.
In this talk, I will give a brief introduction of NLP and the methodology it provides, and present several business-relevant applications, from reputation monitoring via sentiment analysis, methods for large-scale marketing insights and ad-placement, to customer service with chat bots. I will conclude with a review of potential limitations and caveats, especially concerning ethical issues of big data use and AI.
# What is NLP and how can it benefit my business?
# What kind of textual data sources are available?
# What are the technical and ethical limitations of big data approaches?
# What kind of insights can we gather from text?

This #MINE event is free upon online registration and will be held in english.