#MINE - Creating value with NLP and AI technologies

Feb 2019 18:00 - 19:30

Lecture Hall Libreria Egea Viale Bligny, 22 Milano


"What’s the weather like tomorrow?”, “Help me drive home”, “Why does the product I've just bought not work?”, “Book a room for tomorrow in my favorite hotel”… here are some of the requests consumers have for their NLP empowered virtual assistants or chatbots. Using NLP technologies marketers have also become able to analyze the meaning in textual social media  conversations for market research. Other AI instruments help companies increase precision and efficiency in their marketing decisions and processes.

Through research based knowledge and active experience we will try to answer the following questions:

#What are the main applications of NLP and AI technologies for marketing?
#What is the impact of such technologies on the value offered and extracted by companies in business?
#What are the main lessons regarding “What Works” and the biggest challenges in Ai marketing, considering what we know about current business and market practices?
#What are the implications for marketing and brand management in markets?

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