Get involved in SDA Bocconi's Research Labs as a partner, commissioning organization or object of a study .

For companies and institutions, this is an opportunity to see research being carried out, as well as to anticipate trends and benefit from findings within their sector. This is particularly the case if they become partners, commissioning bodies or the object of a study.

SDA Bocconi has many Research Labs, which are true laboratories of knowledge focusing on the School’s three areas of scientific and academic knowledge.
The Labs systematically monitor trends in senior management, insurance, finance, public administration, IT, as well as innovation, business relationships with China, wine making and other subjects such as diversity and competitiveness.

Any company or institution can decide to contribute to the work of a Research Lab by paying a participation fee or a voluntary contribution. They can also choose to be part of a group of sponsors, and they can approve the publication of findings or have exclusive access to them. Finally, they can choose to be the focus of the Research Lab’s work themselves.

All these different ways of interacting encouraged by SDA Bocconi are geared towards the development of new knowledge and the creation of long-term value.

Select the areas of competence of interest and contact relevant departments.