BAIC Conference

Sustaining Cooperation and Innovation at a Time of Disintegration and Distrust
December 5-6, 2019
Classroom AS02

Winners of the BAIC Conference Grant Competition

We are happy to announce the winner of the BAIC conference grant competition. Our committee of Stefano Breschi, Arnaldo Camuffo, Andrea Fosfuri, and Beppe Soda decided to award the 10,000 euro grant to the team proposing the research project:


"Innovation and Cooperation in Ecosystems in the Face of Distrust: The Implication of the Cambridge Analytica Scandal for Facebook's Partners"


The winning team is composed of Mahdi Ebrahim, Shweta Gaonkar, Cedric Gutierrez, Constance Helfat, Rahul Kapoor, Elena Novelli, and Sheryl Winston Smith.

The Bocconi Assembly Meeting

A distinctive feature is the Bocconi Assembly Meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to serve as a forum for discussing a relevant recent trend that bears important implications for managing innovation and cooperation. By fostering open exchange building on the preceding panel sessions, we seek to generate insightful ideas that can serve as a basis for new research projects. Participation in the assembly is by invitation only, but paper presenters receive invitations and the meeting is also open to all Bocconi M&T faculty and PhD students. Following the meeting, the participants will form work groups led by prominent scholars who will serve as group leaders. Every assembly participant can select to join any work group, but the size of the work group is limited to six members. Each work group will initiate discussion to identify a research topic or question and begin work on crafting theoretical arguments and a research design to pursue the project.


10 days after the conclusion of the assembly meeting, group leaders will be encouraged to submit a research proposal based on the discussion. The two-page proposal will identify the proposed project title, the group members who commit to work on the project, the research question or idea, the research gap, intended contribution, the preliminary theory and research design. The proposals will be assessed by a Bocconi committee that will select the best research proposal. The selected proposal will receive a grant of 10,000 Euro and an invitation to present the resulting paper at Bocconi University.


The theme for the discussion meeting of the 1st Bocconi Assembly for Innovation and Cooperation is “Sustaining Cooperation and Innovation at a Time of Disintegration and Distrust”. This theme is inspired by the geopolitical trend of challenging established treaties and agreements as well as the emergence of world leaders that foster disintegration and division at the country, society, and corporate levels. As boycotts, tariff wars, populism, fake news, nationalism, deglobalization, the Brexit and other challenges to the European Union emerge, organizations and firms need to revisit network relations, amend broken ties, and reconfigure alliance portfolios, while continuing to exchange knowledge and engage in collaborative innovation despite amounting distrust. The accumulated research on innovation and cooperation offers little insights about the breakdown of cooperation and the means by which firms can overcome distrust and foster innovation in challenging settings. Two panel sessions will correspondingly debate the implications of this trend for innovation and cooperation. Finally, the assembly meeting will offer a forum for discussing this important topic.