Executive Master in Finance, Banking & Real Estate

In partnership with the American University in Bulgaria (AUBG)


The learning objectives of the course are two:

  • strategic thinking & problem solving skills
  • management knowledge.

The participants will understand all the core concepts of financial analysis and they will gain exposure to independent problem solving and simulations taken from a real work context. Students will be able to synthesize the basic elements of financial analysis being able to communicate those elements through relevant documents, and they will learn to use quantifiable skills appropriate to problem solving in a real world context.

Participants will be, also, able to analyze financial and business situations using data, knowledge of theory and logic to make recommendations for problem solving and decision-making.  They will develop the capacity to exercise good judgment; they will be able to grasp facts and concepts and apply them to solve problems, draw conclusions and recognize consequences; and they will be able to break down or put together ideas and information to clarify relationships and produce conclusions and plans.