SDA Bocconi School of Management - About Covid-19

SDA Bocconi is open

Our three-point reopening plan

Safety, Highest Education Standards and Customized Service

On-campus activities have gradually resumed since 26 June 2020, in compliance with Lombardy Region Ordinanza (Order) PCRL n. 555 of 29 May 2020 concerning FURTHER MEASURES FOR THE PREVENTION AND MANAGEMENT OF THE EPIDEMIOLOGICAL EMERGENCY FROM COVID-19.


In designing a staggered, incremental recovery of on-campus activities we are aware that we must guarantee highest standards of safety and protection for all members of the community, at all times and anywhere on campus. These standards, therefore, are not just complying with all the safety measures required by competent authorities, but are designed for complete protection and individual safety.


These include, but are not limited to:


All these measures for maximum safety and protection are made possible thanks to the wide spaces and IT infrastructure of our new campus. Inaugurated at the end of 2019, it comprises 35,000 square meters indoor with 39 large and IT equipped classrooms, 2 auditoriums with 300 and 150 seats, offices and common areas. Our campus guarantees safety and efficiency standards like few other institutions in Italy and Europe can offer.


Thanks to our longtime experience and our very well-trained teaching staff, during lockdown the School has always worked to ensure continuity of education through different distance-learning methods. Now more than ever, with the reopening of our campus, SDA Bocconi keeps offering an ideal learning environment for those who attend online lessons as well as for those coming to our campus.


Our School is known for being especially attentive to people and offering customized services to its entire community. Now more than ever, we believe that participants and students should be at the center of all our activities. We aim at guaranteeing everybody physical safety and peace of mind, conditions that are necessary to successfully continue - or begin - the learning process at our facilities. If you have any specific questions or needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. All School staff, fully operational even during lockdown, will be happy to help you. You can find contact information in the website sections of your interest or at the bottom of this page.

Welcome back to SDA Bocconi School of Management


1. Is the School open?

Starting from 26 June 2020 the School is once again open to the public. Check this page for the latest updates.

Please note that due to the gradual resumption of the activities it is important, before coming to the School, that you contact the reference people of the activities that are listed on the dedicated sections of the website.

Alternatively, you can always contact our customer service through the references listed at the bottom of the page.

2.What precautionary measures is the School taking to contain the spread of the virus?

Recovery of on-campus activities takes place in full compliance with safety measures issued by Italian national and Regional Authorities and described in the previous paragraph. A description of all the measures taken by the School can also be found in the brochure attached to this page.

3. Can I visit the new SDA Bocconi School of Management campus?

If you need to come to the new campus or want to organize a visit, please contact our staff first, calling the numbers available on the website or writing to our Customer Service (contact information at the bottom of this page).

4. Is the school working?

The School has always been working, even during lockdown. To date, on-campus teaching is gradually resuming in full compliance with security protocols. However, some learning activities might continue online or from home. Administration and other activities, which include Recruiting & Admission, Career Services, Operations, Administration, Marketing and Business Development, keep working at full capacity with staff on site and from home. For further information, please contact us at the numbers available on our website or write to Customer Service (contact information at the bottom of this page).

5. As a participant in a Master’s or Executive Education program how can I contact the Program Office?

If you are a participant, or are interested in a Master’s program, you can write an email to or you can call the numbers you find on the pages of our website related to the Master you are interested in. If you are a participant, or are interested in an Executive Education program, you can find any contact information on the pages of our website related to the program of your interest; or you can always write to

6. I would like to apply for one of your Master’s or Executive Education programs, but I am concerned about the current situation. How can you help me?

To date, the School complies with personal protection and safety protocols, applying all necessary measures to enforce them everywhere on campus. In addition to what is strictly required by Italian national and Regional Authorities, such as sanitization of classrooms and common areas, temperature screening of all those entering campus, provision of sanitizing gel and adoption of masks and gloves, we underline that the buildings in the new campus offer a considerable flexibility to accommodate participants, like few other institutions in Italy and Europe. Our staff is always there to answer all your questions.


Our Customer Service is always happy to help you.
Please call or write to: