Curriculum Vitae

SDA Lecturer

Laurea presso l'Università L. Bocconi, Milano, 2006
Ph.D. Candidate Marketing, Universidad de Valencia

Posizione accademica e/o professionale

Lecturer del Dipartimento di Marketing, Università L. Bocconi, Milano

Aree di interesse e di ricerca

  • Marketing Culturale
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Marketing Esperienziale
  • CRM
  • Comunicazione di Marketing



  • Miniero G., Rurale A., Addis M., “Effects of Arousal, Dominance, and Their Interaction on Pleasure in a Cultural Environment”, Psychology and Marketing, August 2014

Conference Papers

  • Addis M., Carù A., Rurale A. “Consumer Immersion in Aesthetic Experiences at Arts Exhibitions: Implications for the Arts” 9th AIMAC Conference, (Valencia, 2007)
  • Rurale, A., Miniero, G., Carù, A. “Measuring Customer satisfaction in a multitarget cultural institution: evidences for “Milano per La Scala” Foundation” 10th AIMAC Conference, (Dallas, 2009)
  • Rurale A., Miniero G. “Netnography and Zaltman Metaphor Elicitation Technique: the competence makes the difference” – Eiasm Workshop (Milan, 2009)
  • Rurale A., Cerea E. “Haute cousine system and its cultural dimension: when chefs are the new artists.” – 3rd ESA Sociology of Culture Reasearch Network Mid-term Conference (Milan, 2010)
  • Rurale A., Fugazzola M. “Consume Immersion in House Museums.” – 3rd ESA Sociology of Culture Research Network Mid-term Conference (Milan, 2010)
  • Rurale A. “Marketing the Religious heritage. When faith is no more the driver” – 4th Workshop en Economìa y Gestiòn de la Cultura (Bilbao, 2012)
  • Cuadrado M., Filimon N., Kerrigan F., Rurale A. “Interpreteing motives and barriers of cinema attendance. A behavioural and contextual approach” – (Cadiz, 2013)



Master in Arts Management and Administration