27 February 2017

Roche MBA Summit 2017

SDA Bocconi students attended the 1st MBA Summit hosted by Roche in its facilities in Basel. The summit hosted 100 participants from 7 Top business schools, who found themselves immersed in inspirational lectures and extensive opportunities of creative networking. Roche Pharmaceuticals, CEO Daniel O'Day highly motivated all participants


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24 February 2017

The EMMS, an international experience in pursuit of Marketing & Sales Excellence

Excellence is a key word in corporate strategy and gets implemented through marketing and sales visions, processes and functions that are more and more integrated and in line with the ongoing digital revolution. It is a need that has become pressing in the current market dynamics, and in which EMMS – Executive Master in Marketing & Sales, now in its 11th year – has been ahead of the game, making it one of its fundamental principles since it was created.

16 February 2017

Sovereign Investment Academy: learning to make a global difference

After decades when the rolling back of economic activities of the state has been the predominant trend, we are now observing a dramatic shift in policies. The looming financial and economic crisis has severely hit Western economies, forcing governments of all stripes to rescue firms and financial institutions. Meanwhile, in emerging economies the structural trade surplus turned into vast sovereign wealth seeking investment opportunities worldwide, defining a new economic geography with the enhanced power of Asian and Middle East countries in the global political arena.

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