Master in Management delle Imprese Sociali, Non Profit e Cooperative

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The non-profit sector is expanding rapidly in Italy and abroad, and social enterprises are now widely regarded as the new propellers of social and economic progress. It is important that they are managed not only by those with passion for the cause, but by people with specific skills and knowledge.

The Master of Management of Social Enterprises, Not for Profit Organizations and Cooperatives (NP&COOP) is a one-year program designed to prepare students for a managerial role within cooperative and social enterprises operating in a variety of sectors, including education, sport, civil rights, and environment.

At SDA Bocconi, we believe managing not for profit organizations is not as simple as adding the word “ethical” to the notions of finance and enterprise. This is why NP&COOP combines management training with direct exposure to the work of non-profit and cooperative organizations through field projects and internships. With a strong emphasis on practical experience, the program teaches students how to manage several aspects of social enterprises in an integrated way.

 Ideal candidate profile

  • University Degree (in any subject) graduate or undergraduate
  • Previous work experience
  • Fluency in Italian

  • “The choise to attend NP&COOP is a decision that can change your life and is a first step to act with awareness and skills in social entrepreneurship. 
    This is a step that leads to self-fulfillment and respect for others.”

    Federica Bandini | NP&COOP Director 2014


The program is taught over 12 months, starting in January, and consists of three stages:

Stage One (January-March)
Foundations of Business Economics, Institutional Assets, HR Management and Corporate Governance. Classes only.

Stage Two (March – June)
General Management within different areas of Non-Profit and Cooperative Organizations. 3 class days and 2 field project days.

Stage Three (July – February)
Full-time Internship and career counseling.

Why choose NP&COOP?

“Learning by doing” is the motto around which this program has been designed. Combining an intensive program of study with substantial practical experience, the program offers specialized and broad training in the management of not for profit organizations, which will allow you to work for enterprises in many different sectors. 
SDA Bocconi has a long history of training for careers in social enterprises. In 1993 it became the first Italian university to offer a bachelor’s degree in Economics for Non-Profit, Cooperative and Social Organizations. A few years later, SDA Bocconi established the Master in Management of Social, Cooperative, and Non-Profit Organizations, a further testimony of the belief that the sector requires professionals with specific competencies and skills.