Career Advising

The Career Advising is a dynamic way to support the professional success of MPA candidates. By providing MPA participants with counselling and dedicating services to achieve their post Master career pursuit, the Career advising operates as a link between participants and the recruiting needs of the international job market for Public Administrations and public service organizations.

In particular, Public Administrations and public service organizations have access to:

  • CV Book
    We assist public service organizations with their recruiting efforts by publishing a CV Book, which includes the CVs of MPA participants. It is distributed directly and is available on request from Career Advising. This is a key tool for those seeking high potential individuals, and contains all the characteristics of students as well as information on MPA and the School.
  • Presentations
    During the MPA program, Career Advising arranges opportunities for participants to meet Public Administrations and related organizations through presentations. Presentations are the most important part of the recruitment process. The creation of personal connections while still enrolled in the program is fundamental for students and public service organizations.
  • Interviews
    Interviews are organized by Career Advising on demand for candidates. This facilitates the process, both for participants and for recruiters. During this phase, Career Advising advises its participants on the best ways to manage the selection process.

The Master of Public Administration offers counselling and dedicated services to help our participants gain a better understanding of the job market and their strengths and weaknesses. This will help to facilitate personal and professional development throughout the Program and allow them to create a strong international network with relevant contacts from public service organizations.

The Career Advising organizes the following activities:

  • CV Book
  • Counseling
  • Seminars
  • Networking Events

The program is developed throughout the year with targeted sessions, each supported by MPA faculty or professionals in the field of human resource management.

Some sessions are plenary with speakers or class exercises, other sessions are held on an individual basis.