• Liu (River) He - Chinese

    MFB 2017

    Do you believe the world is going to be a better place in the next year or decade? And, how can we achieve this?
    For me, UNLEASH proves the potential and process to hit the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations Agenda 2030. It means global collaboration, disruptive innovation and sustainable development.

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  • Antonio Massimini - Venezuelan-Italian

    MFB 2015

    MFB has been the best experience of my life and helped me realize that the sky is not the limit but our belief system is. This environment gave me the confidence to dream big and made me understand that it is possible to be a successful entrepreneur in this sector. It was not only about inspiration, we also received a well structured education in order to minimize the chances to fail in today´s difficult business world. Having the opportunity to discuss with highly qualified professionals in the sector and other speakers, both at SDA Bocconi and in the company visits, have been a key factor for developing and implementing ideas. I believe that MFB is the perfect springboard for a career, and a life, in the Food & Beverage sector.

  • Natalia Diaz Botero - Colombian

    MFB 2015

    Why MFB? Why SDA Bocconi? Why Italy? First things first... In my opinion, MFB is an interesting program that gave me a holistic view of the food and beverage industry. SDA Bocconi is an impressive business school with amazing professors that share my passion for food and for the industry and that will help to open the doors to a great network. Italy is a country that showed me a lot about passion for food and beverage with all types of companies where I was able to understand the entire spectrum of the industry and get newly inspired. It was a fantastic experience, thank you very much!

  • Burcu Yakupoglu - Turkish

    Assistant Brand Manager, Nestlé Waters Turkey MFB 2015

    MFB is a program that creates the environment for combining practical knowledge about the food and beverage industry, with theoretical perspective. With a multidisciplinary approach, the program builds up the management foundations required in the food and beverage industry, as well as the soft skills. MFB allows a strategic mindset that is built with this specialization. For me, MFB is a unique experience in terms of integrating the professional experience I had into the lectures we attended.

  • Jinyu Huang - Chinese - French

    Business Development Manager at Ballotin (Shanghai) International Trading Ltd. MFB 2015

    Why did you choose the SDA Bocconi MFB?

    Because MFB is based in Europe, is run by Bocconi - ranked Top25 in FT -, is a flexible program, and consists of condensed contents, which include company visits and professional lectures. It was perfect for a candidate like me who wanted to switch her career from law to F&B.

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  • Ebru Atamturk - Turkish

    Director of Global Accounts and Cross Trade at Arkas Holding MFB 2010

    Who would you recommend the MFB program to?

    I would recommend it to students younger than 30 years old with only few years of non food / beverage related sector experience or older students either with a family business in this field or with related experience in food and beverage. It would also be inspirational for students who have a passion for this field to learn more of a management point of view.

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    Spring 2016

  • Rodolfo Brajcich - Mexican - American

    Global Head of Innovation and Renovation for Consumer Care at Nestlé Health Science MFB 2009

    How MFB contributed to your personal and professional life?

    MFB allowed me to get up close to the heart of Entrepreneurship in Italy and understand the journeys to bring quality products to life. It gave me the opportunity to learn first hand from owners and managers the challenges in managing F&B businesses. Also, it gave me a broad network of students, teachers and contacts in the industry in order to enhance my professional development. Personally, it was an amazing experience. To immerse yourself in Italy and live its heritage and culture was a fantastic opportunity.

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    Spring 2016