EMCFB, The Executive Master in Corporate Finance and Banking

The Program

Today's banking and finance world calls for a change of direction and this is the challenge for new managers, to innovate responsibly while creating value for their organization.
The Executive Master in Corporate Finance & Banking, EMCFB, is weekend-based and targeted at experienced Italian professionals who are willing to take on this challenge and combine a full-time job with an intensive and stimulating program.
The program gives the opportunity to step out of the work environment and into an arena that exposes the participant, both theoretically and practically, to the current changes and challenges in the finance world.
The structure of the program is organic and integrated.
Sixty percent of the program focuses on advanced topics and specialized seminars, allowing the participant to develop competencies, tools and relationships that will be invaluable assets for your future.

The Structure

EMFCB is taught in Italian over twelve months, starting in November.
Attendance is weekend-based.

The program is comprised of four stages:

Phase 1 (November-December 2014)
Introduction to Finance (Accounting, Macroeconomics and Quantitative Methods)

Phase 2 (January-June 2015)
Valuation & Corporate and Investment Banking

Phase 3 (July-October 2015)
Portfolio & Risk Management

Phase 4 (November-December 2015)

Leveraging on the successful experience of EMCFB, in 2016 SDA Bocconi has launched EMF, the Executive Master in Finance, designed with the broader scope to include Real Estate and Wealth Management as well as Banking and Finance contents.
For more information please contact admissions.emf@sdabocconi.it