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Wine Management Lab is dedicated to the analysis and monitoring of Italian wine competitiveness and to the evolution of the Italian Style within the wine sector.
In Italy, wine is associated with an unparalleled variety of grapes and related products; but it also provides extraordinary experiences of “terroir” involving diverse and specific social, cultural and culinary areas, coming from the various Italian regions.
Thus, Italian wine:
- possesses the typical traits of “made in Italy” products;
- has an “iconic” value able to drive the Italian economy;
- exalts features typical of local areas;
- celebrates the typical aspects of the entire national territory and the authenticity of Italian products.

Italian wine within the international context

ROLE OF BUSINESS VENTURES: Italian wine is experiencing a global, steady growth in terms of prestige and fame. Business ventures are driving international growth and achievement despite a national context full of contradictions and uncertainties – productive fragmentation, dichotomy between social and economic growth, confusion among  company brands and territorial brands, low age average of companies.

COMPLEXITY OF THE INTERNATIONAL CONTEXT: the international context shows evolving scenarios (bigger differences among countries, penetration opportunities in prospective markets, polarization of purchase motivations, relevance of branding activities, power and innovation of distribution). Production investments’ rigidity in viticulture raises exit barriers and increases internal competitive pressure.

NEW COMPETITORS from emerging countries. They are offering a business model oriented towards mass marketing, without local specialties in terms of grapes and taste of products, thus opposed to the French “terroir” business model.

International positioning for Italian wine: an opportunity

Italy’s strong international reputation and its identity of typical producer of the territory it belongs to are necessary but not sufficient conditions to propose Italian wines as leader.

CULTURAL TERRITORY AS A DRIVER FOR INTERNATIONAL DIFFERENTIATION: Italy’s value proposition is based on reinterpreting “terroir” as cultural territory. This concept becomes the potential brand for food, hand-made crafts, as well as for traditions, monuments, people and languages – all unique and different throughout the Italian geographical areas.

The challenge for international leadership raises the need to increase the value and definition of a specific, original and unique identity of Italian wine and Italian Style.

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