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CDR – the Claudio Dematté Research of SDA Bocconi School of Management - sets itself the goal to revolutionize the way companies use and perceive external advice.

By simultaneously assisting customers in shaping their business practices as well as enhancing the competencies of the respective actors, CDR is a catalyst for transformational change.

It supports individuals and businesses learning and succeeding by transforming knowledge into action.

All our experts have a clear industry focus and are thought leaders in functional practices. Our unique capability to define and disseminate new organizational routines supported by advanced digital learning tools makes us a well-respected partner in Italy and in selected international markets”.

Markus Venzin, Claudio Dematté Research Director

Action Research

Action research is used for solving real problems, in real situations. Its primary goal is to generate findings and conclusions that are relevant for practitioners. It draws on practical situations and experiences, rather than on experimental studies.

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Knowledge is key to any business that wants to pursue innovation. The Research Labs of the CDR, Claudio Demattè Research Division generate knowledge by closely monitoring trends over the long term and sharing findings. 

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Knowledge Centers

SDA Bocconi’s Knowledge Centers are centers of excellence that carry out research projects, with the aim of applying their outcomes at management level in a variety of sectors. They promote the development and dissemination of knowledge and the strengthening of management skills. They achieve this by encouraging dialogue and interaction between the SDA Bocconi faculty, sector-specific business communities in Italy and abroad, current students, alumni and the entire Milanese community at large.

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Action Research

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