Wednesday, 26 July 2017

A competition among MPA students, in collaboration with EIB

As part of a collaboration between Bocconi University, SDA Bocconi and The European Investment Bank - Institute(EIB), a competition among students of the Master in Public Administration (MPA) was launched with the aim to select the most relevant capstone project on the design and development of Public Private Partnership contract for infrastructure development.

The competition was coordinated by Veronica Vecchi, Director of Executive Education at MISB Bocconi (Mumbai, India) and by Fulceri Bruni Roccia and Micaela Celio for the EIB.

The capstone was an occasion to discuss crucial issues for successful PPPs, such as the right approach to conduct a strong and unbiased Value for Money analysis considering pros and cons of the standard UK approach as well as other possible approaches aimed at avoiding the affordability gap during contract execution, said Fulceri Bruni Roccia, who has been working with Prof. Veronica Vecchi in the implementation of the Bocconi - EIB collaboration.

The project selected studied how the Veneto Region renegotiated the Pedemontana Veneta PPP project, by eliminating the minimum revenue guarantee and introducing an availability fee payment (“Competencies and Politicization in Public-Private Partnerships and Infrastructure Development: The Case of the Pedemontana Veneta“), prepared by MPA students Mariano Guabaira, Ian Schaefer, Francesca Realacci. The project was presented at EIB on the July 4 in a dedicated seminar, chaired by Dario Scannapieco, vice president of the EIB.

The EIB - Bocconi collaboration is a great opportunity to triangulate research, teaching and practice, underlined Prof. Vecchi, and to expose students to real and critical issues. Furthermore, the winning capstone highlighted a strong regional management able to generate value by renegotiating a complex PPP project. This happened in the Pedemontana PPP project under the guidance of Dr. Ilaria Bramezza, General Director of Veneto Region and PhD in Economics (Erasmus University).

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