Thursday, 12 March 2015

SDA Bocconi Meets Speed Mi Up

For the first time, the SDA Bocconi Entrepreneur Club decided this year to connect two dots within the Bocconi community. During this unique activity in the Club's history, teams of MBA and EMBAs students have been matched with five startups hosted by Speed Mi Up, the famous startup incubator made in Bocconi.

In the course of two evenings, entrepreneurs and students got to know each other before the groups started working on specific issues faced by these early-stage startups. In a mutually beneficial relationship, CercaOfficina, Lab Quattrocento, SpeedyPlan, One. Tray and Thinkalize have been able to use the students' skills and experiences for a whole week to solve some of their most pressing obstacles, while students got a rare opportunity to work on real-life cases and gain a hands-on perspective on entrepreneurship.

True to its traditions, the E-Club closed the activity with a very entrepreneurial aperitivo to congratulate all the participants with a refreshing end-note. Until the next event...

SDA Bocconi School of Management