1-Year Full-Time MBA

For People who just won't stop

The SDA Bocconi Full-Time MBA (Master of Business Administration) is an intense lifetime experience that maximizes learning opportunities in a limited scope of  time. It is a one-year program with a practical and innovative curriculum, catering to the realities of the marketplace by encouraging students to go beyond conventional business models through creative thinking and responsible problem-solving 



Full-time mba perspectives



Why are we different?

01. Best Worldwide ROI

The SDA Bocconi MBA ranks among the top programs in the world as the best value for money, the investment in an MBA that pays itself back most quickly. According to the latest Forbes ranking of return on investment (ROI, the average time graduates need to earn back tuition fees), the SDA Bocconi MBA is 4th among non-US programs.
Furthermore, the 1-year format will maximize your investment by decreasing your time away from work.

02. Exceptional Alumni Network

More than 100k  alumni worldwide (far more than the number that our competitors can claim): the most valuable asset of the school, the Bocconi and SDA  Bocconi Alumni Community  can actively help you with your career development throughout your life.

03. Personalized Education

With about 100 MBA students, the program demands a heavy investment in relationships and a commitment to cooperation and team-oriented work.
This environment results in bonds built with classmates, faculty and alumni that will last a lifetime.

04. We Invest in your Future

Each year multiple scholarships and tuition waivers (up to 100%) are made available by the School for as many as one third of our outstanding students, thanks to the ongoing support of companies, other organizations, and our Alumni and current students. We help you invest in your future.

05. Strategic Location

An International MBA in Milano means a new, innovative campus downtown Milano - a city at the center of the European industrialized belt and Italian business and finance. The hub of fashion, creativity and design, with a great potential for contacts and careers. Three airports are available, with the possibility of skiing in the Alps, swimming in the Mediterranean Sea or sightseeing in Venice, Rome or other major European capitals, all less than 3 hours from the School, in a country which hosts more than 50% of the UNESCO's World Heritage Sites.



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