Lunch&Learn Talks

Our MBA is a well-established program, with course syllabi and schedules prepared well in advance.
Yet the structure of the program is flexible enough to accommodate timely though informal discussions of the “event of the day”, something that occurs unexpectedly and has powerful managerial consequences.

Lunch&Learn (L&L) Talks provide such informal occasions that lightly take students from morning to afternoon activities.
On these occasions, external speakers as well as SDA Bocconi and Bocconi faculty members come for 45-minute talks on topics of interest. MBA students can discuss current issues in a timely fashion and naturally develop a habit to promptly compare and put into practice the concepts seen in class with real-life cases.
This is yet another chance to interact with classmates, with faculty members, and professionals. Keeping in mind that sharing a light meal with a teacher is an important piece of learning.

The students at at times keep learning while having a sandwich. But in an informal and pleasant way
Francesco Daveri | Full-Time MBA Director

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I have participated in few of them this year. A fascinating occasion to deep dive actuality, with the guidance of true experts.



Francesco Daveri - Lunch & Learn talks

Bruce Mckern lecturing about How China innovate at the first #L&L seminar at full time at
Francesco Daveri| Full-Time MBA Director