Curriculum Vitae

Antonello Garzoni is SDA Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at SDA Bocconi School of Management. He is Professor of Strategic Management at Bocconi University and Full Professor of Business Administration and Vice-Rector for international cooperation at LUM University “Jean Monnet” in Casamassima (Bari).

At SDA Bocconi, he is Coordinator of the Program for Management Development (PSM) and Director of the Executive Management Program (EMP). He has been Director of the Master in Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management from 2009 to 2014 and Academic co-Director Global Advanced Management Program (GAMP) in 2015. He taught strategic management in numerous workshops with Italian and multinational firms operating in food&beverage and pharmaceutical industry.

His research activities focus on competitive intelligence, strategic planning and strategic control. Currently, he deals with six main topics: corporate entrepreneurship, competitive intelligence and industry analysis, resource-based view and competitive strategies, corporate governance of cooperative firms, strategic control and strategic management and territory entrepreneurship and development.

He is the author of many monographs published by EGEA, including “Il controllo strategico” (2003), “Competitive Intelligence” (2006) and “Corporate Entrepreneurship” (2010). His works have been published in Journal of Management Development, Corporate Governance, Management Research Review, Records Management Journal, European Journal of Economics and Management, Megatrend Review and Economia & Management, among others. He was member of some Scientific Committees and responsible for the project “Programma di Accelerazione Imprenditoriale” at ARTI Puglia in 2015. He was awarded at SDA Bocconi as Best Teacher at Master Division (2011), Excellence in Customer Relations at Custom Programs Division (2012) and Excellence in Ranked Programs Coordination at Open Programs Division (2014).

Antonello earned a Degree in Business Administration and a Ph.D. in Business Administration and Management both from Bocconi University.



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Articles and Book Chapters

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