5 days (4.5 days in classroom + 4 hours in Distance Learning)

Module in classroom (4.5 days): from 17th to 21st September 2018 (17th from the afternoon)

DL activities: 4 hours from 10th Sep to 5th Oct 2018

Value Drivers

1.    One-to-one approach to deal with personal leadership challenges
Personalized tools and individual coaching blended with in class discussion to strengthen participant leadership skills in a focused fashion

2.    Networking & sharing best practices with guest Leaders
Guest leaders and interaction beyond the classroom offer the unique opportunity to share new topics and trajectories concerning leadership in global settings.

3.    Our International Faculty will go into cutting edge themes and challenges for global leaders
An international faculty to leverage on different perspectives and deepen exposure to the challenges of a global leader


-    Managers who lead people in a multinational company
-    Managers of medium-sized firms going through internationalization processes
-    Project managers accountable for inter-functional or international projects
-    Managers who have international responsibilities or are going to embrace international assignments
-    Managers who lead global and geographically dispersed teams

Learning Model

 360° feedback and coaching: a personalized approach to leadership challenges
Participants will have the opportunity to fill out the SDA Bocconi Responsible Leadership questionnaire and involve others to observe their leadership behaviors (supervisors, peers, direct reports). On the basis of the responses, each participant will receive a personalized report aimed at outlining the leadership strengths and improvement areas. Participants will have the opportunity to meet a SDA Bocconi coach in order to develop an individualized action plan to better tackle their personal leadership challenges.

John Red Simulation: an action-learning perspective to leadership
JR is a web-based simulation which challenges participants in leading their teams in the process of developing and launching a new product. The simulation unfolds along different rounds and participants have to collectively discuss which kind of actions to undertake in order to keep a diverse team motivated while maintaining focus on the task accomplishment. The simulation “reacts” on the basis of participant choices offering an opportunity to learn based on interaction and discussion in a dynamically changing environment.   


The course aims at developing global leadership skills by embracing different topics:
•    The role of the global leader: how to combine a global perspective with local challenges and needs
•    Leveraging on diversity: how to engage and motivate people to tackle the global challenge
•    Influencing with impact: how to take advantage of your network and to influence stakeholders and organizational actors
•    Developing resilience: how to deal with pressure and stressful situations leveraging on mindfulness and positive psychology.


Vincenzo Perrone
Full professor of Organization Theory, Bocconi University, Milan. Professor of Organization and Human Resourses Management Department at SDA Bocconi.

Ferdinando Pennarola
Associate Professor of Organization and Management Information Systems, Bocconi University, faculty member of the international degree programs. Chairman of the Board of Directors of ISBM, London (International Schools of Business Management) established by Harvard University to offer globally the ITP (International Teachers Programme), since 1971. Expertise in the fields of change management, organizational design, innovation processes ICT mediated, management of professionals, responsible leadership, management consulting. He conducted several international change management workshops and projects with top executive teams.

Celia Moore
She holds a Phd in organizational behavior from the Rotman School of Management - University of Toronto. Before joining Bocconi, she has been Professor of organizational behavior at London Business School and a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University. She is an expert in leadership and she helps organizations and managers to better understand how organizational contexts affect individual behaviors, with a particular focus on integrity and responsibility.  
Fabrizio Castellucci
Professor of Organization and Human Resourses Management Department at SDA Bocconi, Assistant Professor of Organization Theory, Bocconi University.His areas of expertise include social network, organizational status and reputation, and organizational change. He conducted numerous workshops and consulting projects in Europe, Asia and North America. His research appeared on leading journal such as Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Management, and Labor Economics.

Beatrice Bauer
Professor of Organization & Human Resources Management at  SDA Bocconi School of Management. Licensed psychologist and psychotherapist, trainer and coach. Her areas of expertise in HR management include among others Leadership and Change Management Department, Communication and Stress management. She worked as consultant with international top management in defining and managing mayor change processes and developed and conducted  workshops in Europe and  Asia. As a sports psychologist she has prepared Italian sport teams and individual athletes for the Olympics.


7000,00 euros + VAT (including teaching materials, coffee breaks, business lunches during the program, excluding accommodation)


Enrollment procedure

Please complete the enrollment request form, soon available on this web page, and mail or fax to:
SDA Bocconi School of Management
fax +39 02 5836.6833
The final deadline for enrollment is 21st August 2018. Please see details in the enrollment form.

Special Payment Terms 

A 10% reduction on the program fee is offered to applications sent in by 12th July  2018.


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