Empower Your Sales online and offline


17th - 18th October 2013


This program is designed to provide understanding of how technologies can change your business profit for the better and can support sales activities in-store and online; and to provide the know-how and the tools to understand new business models available through new technologies and, therefore, to enhance your profit picture. 


  • What is to be gained by making new technologies a priority in a retail environment
  • Understanding of the critical elements and distinct advantages of an effective digital marketing strategy through new technologies
  • Develop an effective new technology program that works well within a revenue generating environment
  • Receive practical hand-outs and tools to use when implementing new technology program in their organization
  • How to create attractive high tech displays of goods on the shop floor
  • Create a network with other retailers to share experiences and best practices
  • The key performance indicators to measure the return on investments in new technologies (control process for e-marketing planning)
  • Deepen the mobile marketing topic, with the new mobile payment systems, where new technology is the enabler of new process.


Retail Executives: General managers, marketing and communication managers, trade marketing managers, retail managers, CEO’s, Retail Store Managers, Retail Business Owners, shopping centre and distribution business executives, Retail Store Managers, Wholesale Managers, Retail Managers, Buyers, Sales Managers, Visual Merchandise Managers, Retail Owners or anyone who is currently employed in the retail sector. 


From a methodological point of view, the program will be characterized by interactive teaching methods, meant to maximize the participants’ involvement. Traditional lectures will therefore be combined with analysis and discussion of case histories and incidents, group work, simulations and role-playing techniques. 


The program shall be run by professors from SDA Bocconi faculty, selected on the basis of the subjects to be taught during lectures. Furthermore, a director of the program will be appointed by the School. The program director will be responsible of conducting the design phase, selecting the faculty, running the necessary interviews and scheduling and organizing the course. 

With the participation in the program, you will have the right to join our Marketing Community for one year as a benefit Marketing Community 

Enrollment procedure 

Please complete the enrollment form, available on this webpage, and mail or fax to: 
SDA Bocconi School of Management 
fax +39 02 5836.6802 
The final deadline for application is 27th September, 2013
Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, those received after the final deadline may not be accepted. 
Please see details in the application form. 

Participation fee 

€ 2.500 + VAT (if required) 

Special Payment Terms

A 10% reduction on the program fee is offered to applications sent in by 18th August, 2013.