Banks, Insurance and Financial Institutions

The Claudio Dematté Corporate and Financial Institutions Division offers Custom Programs that are able to meet the specific training needs of a wide range of organizations within the financial sector, including banks, credit brokers, financial institutions, insurance companies, and supervisory bodies and authorities. 

The Claudio Dematté Corporate and Financial Institutions Division is highly competent and extremely dynamic, which means it is well-placed to offer effective training solutions to any commissioning organization within this sector. This is achieved by conducting thorough analysis, identifying of the most suitable models, balancing consolidated approaches with innovative theories, showing commitment towards knowledge sharing, and having an international faculty.  

Custom Programs designed by the Claudio Dematté Corporate and Financial Institutions Division are aimed in particular at professionals who play a key role within organizational structures; these can include young talents, employees who show the potential to progress further, members of the boards of directors and auditors, and senior managers who wish to update their skills.  

Each program offered by the Claudio Dematté Corporate and Financial Institutions Division is designed using the unique Corporate Empowerment © model developed by SDA Bocconi to produce effective Custom Programs.

Winning formulae

The Claudio Dematté Corporate and Financial Institutions Division has developed different types of training programs that reflect the wealth of competence and knowledge within the School’s Faculty. The training programs include:

  • Analysis of the training needs and skillset of the commercial network. This process identifies the current requirements and the existing skills within the commercial network in order to design a program that is in line with senior management’s vision and allows for the empirical assessment of the network’s best performers.

  • On-the-job training for Retail Bankers. Support activities and qualitative & quantitative research on behalf of the client in order to roll out new service models for the mass market.

  • Evaluation, validation and co-designing. Scientific evaluation and certification of the training processes of corporate academies, from preliminary studies of the context to an evaluation of the long-term impact of the training, through different stages, including:  skills assessment, requirements analysis, planning, learning processes development (simulative, metaphorical and field-based), field-based learning evaluation.

  • Risk Academy Certification. Validation of the learning processes in the area of risk-management.

  • Board practice. An educational & advisory path for the company’s governing body aimed at stimulating strategic and systemic thinking, developing the ability to assess the implications of new legislation for the company,
    encouraging the professional growth of executive and independent board members. 

  • Managerial Development Program for Senior Managers. Aimed at developing the professional and intellectual skills of strategic management figures within the organization through their participation in a custom training program that strengthens innovation skills, systemic thinking, complexities management, and creativity management in order to bring even more value to the organization and the market. 

  • Management training program for Branch Managers of Banca d’Italia (2012-2015) – Call for tenders. Project aimed at involving the central administration and the regional network. Banca d’Italia has begun a process of organizational innovation with the aim to increase quality, cost effectiveness and efficiency in the services offered.

  • Objective: Entrepreneurship. A program to help Branch Managers grow into entrepreneurial figures, managing the operational impacts at a local and branch level.

  • Valuing women in business. Thanks to the work done by SDA Bocconi’s Diversity Management Research Center, which has led to substantial know how on managing gender diversity, we have designed a program aimed at women who are advancing in their professional development. 

  • Excellence in Corporate Banking. Designed to help financial advisors thrive in their role, by offering them a 360° view that will enable them to assess opportunities and critical stages of a company as it goes through the different strategic and financial cycles. 

  • Private Banking Academy. Offers private bankers a wealth of technical and personal skills so they can excel in their role. The program also strengthens their ability to offer a global financial planning service aimed at solving financial, fiscal, insurance, social security, and real estate issues.

  • Wealth Management Executive Program. This program aims to provide, consolidate and enhance specific competencies for a selected group of senior managers. It also encourages greater integration, team spirit and sharing of experiences. 

  • Talents Executive Program in Banking Management. 20 class days and substantial field projects scheduled over one year support the development of professional and management skills for a group of talents within a major banking group.

  • Executive Master in Strategy & Leadership. Aimed at top managers, this program’s objective is to offer an integrated vision and problem analysis for the bank. 

  • Master in Insurance & Risk Management. Executive master that promotes an organic learning process focusing on management  topics for the insurance sector.

  • Master in Banking. For young talents working for a leading banking group.

  • Master in Corporate & Investment Banking. For young talents across Europe.